My Under Kitchen Sink Organizing Adventure

I HATE under kitchen sink organizing!

My girl friend came to visit this weekend and she gave me such a hard time about my under kitchen sink organizing or the lack of it. She kept offering to organize it for me. I was mortified!

Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

After she left I headed for the Container Store and got everything I need for my under kitchen sink organizing adventure. Ugh…I really hated to start this. What you can’t see back there is the mess a few mice left me last winter that I never cleaned up.

NO…there aren’t any dead mice, but they  left some nasty stuff.

My Under Kitchen Sink Organizing Adventure in less than 10 minutes

Step 1 – Get all that stuff out of there.

Step 2 – I grabbed a broom and tried to sweep it all out without having to stick my hands back there. That didn’t work so well. I had to get down there and sweep it out with my hands and then I washed it all. Yuck.

Step 3 – I grabbed an old tension curtain rod I had and put it up for the spray bottles. There were a few that I could combine so I didn’t have so many under there.

Step 4 – Next I place the 2 orange plastic drawers I got from the Container Store in there. They fit perfectly.

Under Kitchen Sink Organizers

Step 5 – The small green plastic crate fit perfectly between the new orange drawers. I put the over sized bottles in there. 

Step 6 – I grabbed the plastic canisters that I also bought at the Container Store and filled them with dish washing pods and magic erasers. The mice really loved the magic erasers and my swiffer dusters too. They made a nice bed for them and their babies. Now they can’t get to them.

Step 7 – I also bought some stick up lights for in there. I can never see what I am looking for. It all turned out really well and I am so proud of it now. No more yucky under kitchen sink mess.

THAT’S IT! Done in less than 10 minutes.

Video of My Under Kitchen Sink Organizing Adventure

Here is a video of what I did. Quick and easy!

Shopping List for My Under Kitchen Sink Organizing Adventure

Here is the list of things I purchased or already had in my home. Check around your home, you may have a few things that would work great for this organizational project.

Plastic Orange Drawers – Container Store

Small Plastic Canisters – Container Store

Tension Curtain Rod – Amazon

Stick Up Lights – Amazon

Small Plastic Crate – Amazon

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under kitchen sink organizers
Under kitchen sink organizing

under kitchen sink organizing

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