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So You Decided To  Redecorate Your Kitchen: Simple Steps

Simple Steps to Redecorating Your Kitchen!

Once you make the decision to redecorate your kitchen, it’s time to map out how you will attack it.

Our kitchen is the place where the family gathers and when you aren’t comfortable in your own kitchen, it is time for a change. It doesn’t matter if you live in a palace or a pocket-sized studio, it is easy to decorate your kitchen. With a little bit of experimenting and creativity, you can create your idea of a simply beautiful kitchen.
So You Decided To Redecorate Your Kitchen: 3 Easy Steps

When I was a young girl I would look at my mothers “House Beautiful” magazines and dream of a home of my own. It had the most beautiful kitchens that were far from the farmhouse kitchen we had as kids. My dreams were grand, but now when I dream of my kitchen, I still dream of farmhouse kitchens.

We all seem to love to move things around our kitchen in hopes of a better plan or flow. But it really helps when the kitchen is pretty as well. Prettifying your kitchen doesn’t have to be hard or a huge job. There are just a few things that you can do to redecorate your kitchen that will spruce it up and make you feel better about spending time there.

Where Should I Start?

Begin With Baby Steps To Decorate Your Kitchen

All you have to do is start with what you have and build from there. Most of us don’t have our perfect kitchen. Some of you may have newer kitchens, but you want some new decorating ideas. Some of your kitchens might be old and really need a facelift, but not all of us can afford that. Most of us are looking for inexpensive kitchen decor that we can do ourselves.

Beautiful kitchens are important for a us because this is where the magic happens, where the meals are made and where most of the family interaction takes place. This is where late night conversations over hot chocolate take place and big family dinners are made and enjoyed right here while the turkey is cooking. The kitchen is the heart of the home!

For me to be happy, my kitchen needs to be neat and orderly. I don’t want a lot of clutter. But for you, it might be the opposite. Maybe I am striving too hard for the picture perfect kitchen at all times.

Think about what you ideally would like your kitchen to look like. Then decide what you can do yourself or with a little help.

Painting your kitchen walls is an easy fix and doesn’t cost much. Fresh paint makes a kitchen brand new. It changes the way you look at it, the way you feel when you are standing in the space, and it changes you. So don’t be afraid to try a new color.

So You Decided To Redecorate Your Kitchen: 3 Easy Steps


Kitchen Cabinet Painting –

Be Bold!

It is easier than you thought to paint your kitchen cabinets. I have a wonderful new paint idea for cabinets that will make them beautiful. I will tell you all about that in another post. I have an easy guide to painting your cabinets and tips to help you do an excellent job. You will love it!

Have you been seeing in decor magazines the beautiful paint that creates a different look on the cabinets? It makes them look old or vintage. Apparently old is in….good thing, because I am old. I remember years ago we used to use a paint technique called “antiquing”. I think this is similar, but so much better. I love the effects that you can create and what this does to colors.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a complete kitchen change without spending a ton of money. This changes everything! So don’t be afraid, be bold.


Move Things Around

I find that moving things around in my kitchens helps me get in the mood to redecorate my kitchen. Try moving a picture to the other side of the room or remove a rug that has been under that table forever. Now how does the kitchen feel? How does it look? Try turning the table the other way, does that make a difference?

Still haven’t found your motivation…try this. Remove everything off your counter tops, table and any window dressing. Don’t touch the window dressings that are hard to get off or put back on. Leave those alone. We may not get them back up correctly and then we are in trouble.

Are you getting a better idea of what your kitchen can look like with a shift in decor? Le the light shine in, you might have a brain storm with golden rays of sunshine on your walls and cabinets.

This is also a really good way to deep clean, it kind of forces you to do that. Ugh…I hate cleaning.

So You Decided To Redecorate Your Kitchen: 3 Easy Steps
Here is a good tip. When moving items from other parts of the house into the kitchen for decor make sure these items “make sense” for a kitchen. Colorful dishes, serving pieces, baskets, or even a colorful cookbook can create a nice display and not look out-of-place.

I love old wood cutting boards and rolling pins. Try grouping some of these together for a nice display. But remember, you don’t want to take up valuable counter-top real estate, you need that to cook on. So create these eye catching pieces in a corner or out of the way place.

Also take into consideration that this is a kitchen and things get splashed. When you choose items to decorate your kitchen make sure they can be easily cleaned and wiped down on a regular basis.

Already we have come up with some great kitchen ideas that are quick, easy and inexpensive.

  • Painting the walls
  • Painting the cabinets
  • Moving decorations around the kitchen and creating some small displays to create warmth and interest in the kitchen.


Add A Few Final Simple Touches

Take a look at your cabinet hardware as well. I can’t say that replacing the handles will be cheap, because it won’t. But it is an exciting idea that will make a huge change in your kitchen decor.

kitchen burlap valance
For many years now blinds over the kitchen windows has been very popular and practical. They do a great job of keeping the sun out on warm days and creating privacy at night. If you have a window over your sink I would suggesting doing something different there. I am not saying you have to take the blinds down, but you might look at some adorable ideas for kitchen valances.

They don’t have to be ready made curtains, they could be as simple as an old coffee bean bag made into a valance. I know that my local coffee house sells them for a few dollars and they look awesome.

This picture comes from one of my favorite blogs that I follow, Funky Junk Interiors. She has made this easy for you by giving you all the instructions to do this. You can find all the directions to these cute burlap coffee bean sack curtains right here.

I feel that the kitchen window is the most important place in the kitchen to decorate, especially if it is over the kitchen sink. Think about how much time you spend there everyday. Make it a place that you will happy to work in.

Redecorating your kitchen can be done with little or no money if you are willing to do the work. Sometimes we just need a little bit of inspiration to create simply beautiful kitchens.

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