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Set Up Coffee Bar at Home – Kitchen Counter Space Savers

Have you ever thought to set up a coffee bar in your home? I did and I love it!

I Set Up Coffee Bar at Home out of pure necessity, but I love it! Check out the picture below of how I set up a coffee bar in my new home.

We are a divided household when it comes to coffee and coffee pots. So here is how I set up my coffee bar at home.

In a hurry? Click here for the coffee bar I really want in my home.

My Home Coffee Bar Set Up2

Here is How I Set Up Coffee Bar at Home

He likes the Keurig coffee maker, but I still love my full pot coffee pot. I have a Bunn coffee maker and I love it.

We tried having two coffee pots on the counter top at one time, but it was really crowded. When we moved to a new home, I spotted the perfect space for to set up a coffee bar in my home.

I don’t have it perfect yet, but as soon as I find the right buffet for that space, it will be perfect. Until then I am using an old cabinet we had left over.

A Few Items I Bought To Set Up Coffee Bar at Home

I have picked up the items in my home coffee bar from thrift stores and other stores that I can’t even remember. But you can find awesome vintage canisters on Etsy like I have for my tea and coffee. Perfect to set up a coffee car in your home!

I buy cups and mugs at every thrift store I go to. I believe the bigger the better. If you don’t have thrift stores near you, here is a great assortment from Etsy to choose from. They are so cute!

I use a cute little red silverware box for stirring spoons and my tea strainer (it’s on the bottom shelf to the far right, red and hard to see). It just keeps things handy and the box is adorable. I found mine at the thrift store, but this Wooden Family Silverware Caddy would work really well….I love it!

Personalized Coffee Shop Sign I love my Coffee Shop sign, but I found some personalized ones on Etsy that I wished I had gotten.

If I Had the Room – Here Is What I Would Use to Set Up Coffee Bar at Home

This is the coffee station I really want, the Winsome Wood Jasper Storage Buffet, but it is too wide for my space. As you can see above, I don’t have much space for my home coffee bar ideas.

[content-egg module=Amazon template=product card]

If you have room, these are perfect. It has more than enough space for one or two coffee makers, my coffee, K Pod holder, cups, sugar, and all the extras you need for your perfect kitchen coffee station. The drawers are great for spoons and I love the doors as well. I keep my teas down there because I don’t want to see all the boxes, so I hide them in the door.

This is a great start to a set up a coffee bar at home. It’s fun because there is no right or wrong way, just make it your own.

Here are a few more great ideas to get your mind churning to set up a coffee bar in your home. This pictures came from, so feel free to run over there and look at their other ideas too.

They took a very small space and created a nice home coffee station.
It looks like it doubles as the home bar as well. Great idea!
Photo by DeGraw & DeHaan Architects – Search contemporary home bar pictures

I love the wall painted with chalk board paint. If you are crafty, this
is a great idea for your home coffee bar.

More chalk board paint, but I like the way they framed some of it.
The two stools is a nice touch. I wouldn’t sit still long enough to use them though.

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