Rolling Kitchen Carts Islands

Rolling Kitchen Carts Islands: Perfect Choice For Kitchens

I have a small kitchen, so a rolling kitchen carts island is the perfect solution for me.

It gives me the work space I need, but when I want to pull the table out for the grand kids, it moves to the side easily.

A big built in island is always nice to have, but when you are working around a small kitchen, you do what you can.

Small rolling kitchen carts are perfect for small spaces. When we first got our rolling kitchen cart, we really weren’t sure how much we would use it.

We have very little prep area, so we use this every day. I would be lost without it.

Mine has 23 1/2 inches of work space on it, that’s the width. The depth is 19 1/2 inches. But what I really love about mine is that it has a drop down extension that I can easily bring up to give me and extra 12 inches of prep space.

Most days I don’t need that extra prep space, but when I cook any kind of meal, I always use it.

This is what mine looks like. I have baskets on the shelves.

This top basket has all the spices I use regularly. When I need a spice, I just pull the basket out and find what I need and put it back.

It is so convenient.

The second or bottom shelf I have a basket there too. It holds my onions, potatoes and garlic.

I love of they are always close by for when I am ready to cook.

We have had this a few years and it has held up so well. I think I need to give the butcher block top a redo, but besides that, it has held up well.

Here are a couple pictures of my island. I was making dinner so I snapped a few pictures. Don’t mind the mess. We were making some yummy spaghetti. Check out the great baskets that hold my potatoes and onions on the bottom and spices that I use a lot are in the top basket. It makes them very handy since I don’t have upper cabinets to store them in near by the cooking area.

My kitchen island

My baskets under my kitchen island

Drop-Leaf Rolling Kitchen Carts Islands

Drop-Leaf kitchen carts are perfect for really small kitchens. They grow when you need them to be bigger and then the leaf drops and it becomes small again so everyone can move around the kitchen easily.

Larger Rolling Kitchen Carts

If you have a small kitchen that will allow for a bit bigger rolling kitchen cart, then one of these might be the right option for you. One of these even has a stainless steel top. I really like that better than the butcher block rolling kitchen cart. Not all of these come with wheels or casters on them, but you can put them on. Just be sure to check what each Rolling Kitchen Cart comes with before buying.

There are so many Rolling Kitchen Carts Islands that it’s hard to pick the right one for your kitchen. Start a search for yourself by clicking through on any island and then refine the search with your own parameters.

I would love to have one that is more ornate, with drawers and real cabinets, but for now mine works really well for us. I am sure you will find the perfect one for you too.

Originally posted 2014-11-28 16:12:59.

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