Rachael Ray Pots and Pans Set

Have you seen the beautiful Rachael Ray Pots and Pans Sets in all her vibrant colors?

It seems that all the top chefs have their own line of pots and pan sets and Rachael Ray is no different. But Rachael Ray pots and pans set are so beautiful on the outside and the inside. She has great colors to perk your kitchen up on dull boring days.

Set 1 – Rachael Rays Pots and Pans Set in Orange – I received the orange Rachael Ray Pots and Pans Set for my anniversary a few years ago. I love them! They all have lids, they are great to cook with and the sizes are good. Sometimes I find in a pot and pan set that there is an odd size that I never use. That is not the case with this set.

The lids are rubberized, which means they never burn my hands when I go to stir whats in the pot. Can you see how soft they look? They aren’t hard, but they are sturdy. I hate having to look for my pot holders when all I want to do it stir whats in the pan. Both the lid and the pan handle have these rubberized handles.

Rachael Ray Pots Pans Rubber Handles

I have had this set a few years and I was concerned that the color wouldn’t hold up. I really like orange. I am pleasantly surprised that the color does hold up to my scrubbing. You can see that I have used this pan a lot, but the color is still beautiful and they are really easy to clean. I love this Rachael Ray cook set.
Rachael Ray Pots Pans Stands the Test of Time

The lids are inter-changeable with other pans, just like with usual pot and pan sets. (Found at Amazon.com)
Rachael Ray Pots and Pan Set - The Saute Pan

Rachael Ray Pots and Pans Set in Red

Set 2 – Rachael Rays Red Cook Set – This is such a vibrant red color that it would be so perfect in so many kitchens. Black, White, Gray, ……I could go on and on. Go ahead and put these in the dishwasher, I do it all the time and they are still beautiful. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Rays Pots and Pans Set - Agave Blue
Set 3 – Rachael Ray Agave Blue Pots and Pan Set – This is the perfect color for a teal kitchen. Teal or turquoise, whatever you want to call it is really popular now. Agave Blue colored pots and pans will bring spring back into your kitchen no matter what the weather is outside. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray Pots and Pans Set - Mushroom Brown
Set 4 – Rachael Ray Mushroom Brown Pots and Pans Set – What a beautiful color for kitchens that have more of a warm color or even a fall theme. The mushroom brown gives it a rustic feel, one of warmth and hospitality. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray Pots and Pans Sets - Pumpkin Orange
Set 5 – Rachael Ray Pumpkin Orange Pots and Pans Sets – I know what you are thinking, that is the same pot and pan set from above. Nope. This is a much warmer orange than my set. This reminds me of fall and yummy smelling soups on the stove. It is hard to choose from all these colors, I know. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray Pots and Pans Sets - Cranberry Red
Set 5 – Rachael Ray Cranberry Red Pots and Pans Set – This is another red, but so much softer. Did I mention that they have shatterproof lids? Believe me, I have tested them out. This entire set of Rachael Ray Pots and Pans is extra durable. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray Cookware in BlueSet 6 – Rachael Ray Cook Set in Blue – This isn’t just blue, it’s cobalt blue. You just don’t find these anywhere. They are beautiful, stylish and equally functional. These have a two-tone gradient exterior, which means it starts light and goes a deeper blue as it goes down, or visa versa. (Found at Amazon.com)

http://amzn.to/22pV0rcSet 7 – Rachael Ray Cook Set in Lavender Purple – What a refreshing color, if you like purple. Usually people I meet who like purple,  “love” purple. So this cookware set is for the purple lovers. It has a very relaxed, yet modern feel to it. Amazon.com)

Do You Want More Rachael Ray?

If you love the look of these Rachel Ray Pots and Pans Set, you will be just like me and want all the matching accessories to really bring the kitchen together with a uniform look of style and taste – you have got to check out these other great Rachel Ray products – do you want matching bakeware or maybe the matching utensil set? The “must have” product from Rachael Ray is her EVOO oil dispensing bottle. I have it in orange to match my cookware and I love it. I use it everyday.

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