You will find “fun” in every Rachael Ray Dining Set pattern you see!

I’ve wanted a Rachael Ray dining set for a long time. I had even decided on which set I would buy. When I told my sister, she laughed. That was the same set she had decided to buy. Our favorite is the Rachael Ray Little Hoot Dining Set. Who doesn’t like owls? Everyone does….right?

Rachael Ray Dining Set Little Hoot
Rachael Ray Dining Set Little Hoot – With rich fall colors in a leaf pattern and Little Hoot, the owl, poking his head out of hidden places, how could you not find this Rachael Ray pattern adorable??? I would use these for everyday dishes, but I wouldn’t shy away from using them for formal dinners as well. These would be a bright spot in an otherwise formal event. (Found at

Rachael Ray Dining Set Pendulum
Rachael Ray Stoneware Sets Pendulum – Sturdy, nonporous stoneware is perfect for everyday meals with the family. These have such beautiful colors of brown and teal, that could be mixed with other sets to make your dining table even more beautiful. I could see me using more of the teal during the summer and adding more browns or cream colors for the fall and winter. (Found at

Rachael Ray Dining Set Seasons Changing
Rachael Ray Dining Set Seasons Changing – I love green, so these appeal to me. They are simple and laid-back, just like Sunday morning. These are made of sturdy porcelain and are durable enough to use everyday. They still have some weight on them, but they aren’t as heavy as stoneware. (Found at

Rachael Ray Dinner Set Ikat Collection
Rachael Ray Dinner Set Ikat Collection – The bold details and the clean lines make me feel like I’m in Morocco or somewhere very far away from Missouri. The little touch of green is nice too. We have seen for so many years blue paired with yellow, which I love, but it is nice to see a change. A blue kitchen is my favorite. (Found at

Rachael Ray Stoneware Sets Circles and Dots
Rachael Ray Stoneware Sets Circles and Dots – Rustic tones, warm colors makes me want to snuggle up next to the fireplace. The fact that her stoneware can be used in the microwave is wonderful. Taking a hot plate out of the microwave is so dangerous. But since it is stoneware, it will hold heat and keep your food hotter. How can it do both? I have no idea, I’m glad she figured it out for me. (Found at

Rachael Ray Dinner Set Paisley
Rachael Ray Dinner Set in Paisley – Paisley is a very old pattern, not for Rachael Ray, but in general. I have always loved it. I think she has done a great job of incorporating it in this dinner set with class and style. The orange and green mix so well together and the red adds just a pop of color. In my last home I painted the kitchen guacamole green, this dinner set would have been perfect with that color. (Found at

Rachael Ray Round Square Dinnerware
Rachael Ray Round Square Dinnerware – The outside is round, but inside the plate is square. She mixed the old with the new and came up with a modern design for basic colored dining sets. I like them, especially the colors. Many of them match the Rachael Ray Pots and Pans Sets and will bring your kitchen together.. She created these a little bit bigger than her other sets. The cups seem to be bigger and so do the plates. Choose from these colors: Red, Yellow, Purple, and Green. (Found at

If you are like me and love everything Rachael Ray, you will want to grab all the matching accessories to really bring your kitchen together. You will love her matching and coordinating serving bowls, utensils, and you have to have a matching EVOO dispensing bottle. I have one in orange and I love it!

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