rachael ray cookware utensils

Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils

Now that you have your new Rachael Ray pots and pans, you will need Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils!

“Mom said the two most important kitchen utensils are attached to your arms… you cannot mix up meatballs with a wooden spoon, get in there, get your fingers dirty!” Rachael Ray

Rachael’s mom was right, sometimes the best utensil for the job in your hands. But there are other times, like when stirring hot foods, that you have to use a utensil. Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils are perfect to use with her cookware. She has made heat resistant, silicone utensils for us to use with her cookware so it doesn’t harm it like metal utensils will.

Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils Lazy Spoon Lazy Ladle Set 2

Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils Lazy Spoon Lazy Ladle Set – These are amazing utensils that rest on your pot or pan handle. About half way down the handle is a notch that fits the pan’s rim perfectly. The lazy spoon and lazy ladle will be fine up to 500 degrees.  Never look for your cookware utensils again. They are right where they are needed. They have spoons, ladles, tongs, spatulas, slotted spoons and spatulas. Basically every utensil we need in the kitchen, you can get it in Rachael Rays Lazy Set. These come in Orange, Green, Red, and Blue. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray Kitchen Utensils
Rachael Ray Kitchen Utensils – Some of these are silicone utensils that we have come to love from Rachael Ray, and some are nylon. The kitchen utensils made of silicone are heat safe up to 500 degrees; the nylon are safe up to 350 degrees. Both sets are great. You can use either or both of these sets with her non stick pots and pans and they will not scratch your cookware. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils 3
Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils for food Preparations – I use my scissors, knives, veggie cleaner and peeler and of course, the food scraper thingy. Well, that’s what I call it. OK, I checked….she calls it a Scrape Shovel. I was close enough. Scraping up the left peelings and things is quick and easy with a scrape shovel. I also use it to pick up my cut up veggies to put in a pan or a salad. Sometimes I like cutting some of my veggies, like fresh green onions, with my kitchen utility scissors. It is so much easier.  I am really picky about knives. My grandfather was a butcher and he taught me the value of a good knife. So when I am cutting up veggies for a salad, my knife better work really well. Then there is the pizza cutter. I can’t even begin to tell you how often we order pizza during the week. Rachael Ray pizza cutter is always sharp and right there ready to cut into my delicious delivery pizza. All of these Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils come in a variety of colors. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils 4
Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils EVOO and Vinegar Dispensing Bottle – This is probably my favorite product from Rachael Ray. I have the single EVOO dispenser. It sits on my counter next to my stove all the time. I love to use Olive Oil in my cooking and this is a fabulous way to store it in the kitchen. You can buy the two bottle set, one for Olive Oil and the other for Vinegar. I don’t have the vinegar one because I have too many flavors of vinegar, I would have 7 vinegar bottles all over my counter top. Nope…that is too many even for me. These come in all the great Rachael Ray colors. Find one that fits with your kitchen decor. (Found at Amazon.com)

If you love Rachael Ray Cookware Utensils, you will be just like me and want all the matching bakeware for cookies and cupcakes to really bring the kitchen together – you have got to check out these other great Rachel Ray products – do you want cookie sheets or maybe cupcake pans or what about a whole set with cake and loaf pans?

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