Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Stoneware Small Oval Set

Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Baker Set

Have you ever heard of Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Baker Set?

I own a red Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Baker Set and love them! I make casseroles, lasagna, and basically anything I can throw in the dish and put it in the oven. Rachael Ray has come up with the perfect baker set. These are beautiful and functional.  The handles makes it so easy to get them in and out of the oven.

They will keep hot things hot, and cold things cold. How much more perfect can a casserole dish be? Then if you get her casserole dishes with a lid, it increases how many ways you can use them. I like to make a salad on Monday and then use it all week. If I use one of Rachael Rays Bubble Brown bakeware sets with a lid, it lasts all week.

I also like to take them to parties because I always know which dish is mine. No more guessing if that is my bowl and  spoon. You girls know what I am talking about. We all have the same problems when we take food to gatherings.

Take a look at Rachael Ray explain why she named them Bubble Brown Baker Set and why she loves them so much.

Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Baker Set and Casserole Dishes with Lids and without.

Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Lasagna Casserole Dish
Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Baker Set – This is a rectangle covered lasagna casserole baker set. I have this one in red and love it. I have made lasagna, blackberry cobbler, roasts and a ton of other dishes. It is a big dish, can you see how big it is in her hands. She isn’t holding the exact baking dish, but it’s the same size as my lasagna pan. Huge! It’s my favorite casserole dish with a lid. It comes in Red, Purple, and Green. I love the vibrant colors and it makes my food look better. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Baker Set
Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Baker Set – These come in a set, 1 1/4 Quart and 2 1/4 Quart sizes. Perfect for side dishes. My family loves Au gratin potatoes with lots of cheese and I use my bubble brown stoneware. It’s quick clean up, too. Not all my bakeware is that easy to clean up after making Au gratin cheesy potatoes.

These can go from the freezer to the oven to the table. How much easier can it get? When the food is gone, put them in the dishwasher and they will be ready for the next meal. This set comes in Purple, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Everything she creates is designed to go with her other products so well. You can match your dishes or pot set or grab the coordinating colors. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Stoneware Small Oval Set
Rachael Ray Bubble Brown Stoneware Small Oval Set – These are my favorite for reheating food. This is a 3 piece set, 1 1/4 Quart and two 12-ounce individual bubble brown oval bowls. We always have leftovers and I am not a fan of microwaving, so I put them in these and pop them in the oven. It tastes like the first day all over again. Although, you can use these in the microwave. They have the signature Rachael Ray handles that I love and they are of course, dishwasher safe. This set comes in Red, Orange, Yellow, and Purple. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray Stoneware Bubble Brown Casserround Dish
Rachael Ray Stoneware Bubble Brown Casserround Dish – No, I didn’t spell that wrong, that is what she calls it. This is more than just a casserole dish, this will fit roasts and chickens. Things you are cooking that need a deep baking dish. It’s not too heavy, but it is sturdy. It cleans up so easily. This comes in a wide range of colors as well: Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Chocolate. (Found at Amazon.com)

Rachael Ray has all the matching accessories to really bring your kitchen together. You will love her matching and coordinating serving bowls, utensils, and you have to have a matching EVOO dispensing bottle. I have one in orange and I love it!

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