The Pioneer Woman Dish Towels – Coordinates with her Dinnerware

Have you seen the new Pioneer Woman Dish Towels?

Set of 4 Pioneer Woman Dish Towels

I was walking down the Walmart aisle and the  Pioneer Woman Dish Towels caught my eye. I had decided not to buy new dish towels today,  but I did. I couldn’t resist. They are so pretty!!!

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Right away I could see they have a vintage feel, so I knew they were perfect for my kitchen.

I immediately loved the way they felt. They felt like new receiving blankets you get for your baby. Soft and a bit of cushion. I thought they might be micro-fiber, but they are 100% cotton. When I got home, I washed them, and they fluffed up so nicely. I am so proud to display these Pioneer Woman dish towels in my kitchen.

My Pioneer Woman Dish Towels!

They Pioneer Woman dish towels that I picked up came in a pack of 4, so I took 2 outside to put in our Motor home. It always needs a bit of color to brighten it up.

There are 4 different designs. One is a bright green. I am a sucker for green, but it has white flowers with a red center. That red jumps off the pattern. Green Flowered Pioneer Woman Dish Towels

There is a yellow Pioneer Woman dish towel in the collection that looks a lot like the green design because the flowers are similar. It is a white background with yellow flowers and orange centers. It is so cute and one of my favorites.Yellow Flowered Pioneer Woman Dish Towels

The Pioneer Woman had to put a teal dish towel in the collection. She likes teal. But it’s ok, I have green, red and teal in my kitchen too, so this is perfect. It is on a white background with just teal flower bursts on it. I really like it…it’s fun! Teal and White Pioneer Woman Dish Towels

The last one in the Pioneer Woman Dish Towel Collection is a pretty red one. With a white background, the red flowers really stand out. There are blue, teal and yellow accents in this dish towel to tie all of them together. Red Pioneer Woman Dish Towels

I am completely in love with my new Pioneer Woman dish towels. Did you notice how nicely they match my odds and ends I have on my kitchen counters? I truly believe in decorating with items that make you happy. These dish towels make me happy. So whether I hang them from the stove handle or use them in my RV, they look awesome everywhere!The Pioneer Woman Dish Towel Collection from Walamart

Other Pretty Pioneer Woman Dish Towels

Ree Drummond,  Pioneer Woman, makes every thing she touches pretty. She has Pioneer Woman dish sets with coordinating Pioneer Woman coordinating dish towels. How cool is that?

The Pioneer Woman dish towels come in a variety of color and packs. If you have one of the Pioneer Woman Dish Sets, then make sure to look for coordinating Pioneer Woman Dish Towels. If you have no will power at all….DON’T LOOK!

Vintage Bloom Kitchen Towel SetVintage Bloom Kitchen Towel SetDaisy Chain Kitchen Towel SetDaisy Chain Kitchen Towel SetFlea Market Kitchen Towel SetFlea Market Kitchen Towel SetHoneycomb Kitchen Towel SetHoneycomb Kitchen Towel Set

You can mix and match her dish sets with dish towels, aprons, glasses, bowls and so much more. Check out everything the Pioneer Woman has at

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My New Pioneer Woman Dish Towels! Vintage look that gives my kitchen some color. I got the 4 pack and Love it!
Ree Drummond Pioneer Woman Dish Towels

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