Kitchen Swivel Counter Stools: Seats For Your Guests

Kitchen Swivel Counter Stools: Seats For Your Guests

Kitchen Swivel Counter Stools are made for company while you cook.

I love having my guests or my husband to come into the kitchen and sit on my swivel stools to keep me company while I cook.

Some of our best conversations happen while I am cooking.

But they also serve as extra seating or maybe seating for the breakfast bar.

The kids used to like to have their breakfast there instead of the dining table. I secretly think they wanted to be near me, but don’t tell them that I know.

Personally I prefer the high back swivel bar stools, but they have such a great selection of low back counter stools that swivel that it is a hard decision.

Of course, there is also the backless stools. This is much more like the traditional bar stool. Nothing wrong with that, its just what you prefer.

Stool with High BackStool with out BackStool with Low Back

High Back Kitchen Swivel Counter Stools

Kitchen Swivel Counter Stools: Seats For Your Guests
I think the reason I like these best is because you can get comfortable and sit for a bit of time.

Many times I go to someones house and they don’t want me to cook, they just want me to sit and talk to them while they cook. While I am OK with that, I can get a bit uncomfortable.

While I sit there I usually want to lean back and get comfy. But with a backless swivel counter stool, or even a low back counter stool that swivels, I can’t seem to get comfortable.

Napoli Suede 30Old Steel Finish with Faux Brown LeatherBahama Breeze Swivel Bar StoolSwivel Counter Stool 29

Low Back Counter Stools That Swivel

Kitchen Swivel Counter Stools: Seats For Your Guests
The low back counter stools can be great for kitchens where you are trying to stay with a more modern decor style.

These are great for kids, they always seem to like the more modern looking chairs. But kids don’t usually spend any time at all in them. They gulp down their breakfast and they are out the door.

Tufted Adjustable Bar Stool with ArmrestsLow Back Air Lift Adjustable StoolsEuro Style Counter ChairRustic Wood and Iron Counter Stool

Backless Swivel Counter Stools

Backless Swivel Counter Stools
The backless swivel stools are probably the most popular. They are easy to push under the kitchen counter and keep them out of the way till they are needed. That is the best thing about them.

My kids found them easier to carry around the house to climb on and get in cabinets that I may not have wanted them in. But you know kids, if they think they aren’t suppose to look in there, that is where they will look.

Backless Swivel Counter Stool 24Adjustable Logan Metal StoolBackless Swivel Counter Stool 26Counter Height Wood Swivel Stool 24

So whether you are looking for a Wood swivel counter stool, a high back swivel bar stool, a low back counter stool that swivels, or a backless swivel counter stools, I am confident that you will find the perfect one for your kitchen and for your decor. There are so many to choose from.

Of course, if you didn’t see one here that you are looking for, click on any product and it will take you where you can refine the search to match what you are looking for.

Happy Shopping!

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