Best Color To Paint Your Kitchen: How To Choose A Kitchen Color

Choosing the right color to paint your kitchen is never easy. But if you take the focus off the walls, then finding the right color will come easily. This color can be used either for the painting your kitchen walls or the cabinets.

First thing I do is find something to be the focal point of my kitchen. Usually for me that is a painting. If you read my post about how I decorated my first kitchen, then you understand how I came up with this picture idea. If you haven’t, you can find that post here.

How To Choose The Right Color To Paint Your Kitchen

Let’s just pretend that I want to paint my kitchen teal or at least I want to have teal accents. First I would find a painting or picture that I like that has teal in it and other colors as well.

I have chosen 3 pictures that I would use in my kitchen if I were decorating my kitchen with teal. My favorite is the chickens. You can see that you can be bold in your decorating with a painting that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just needs to be something you find to be fun.

The bottom two are safe choices if you are unsure of decorating your kitchen. Both are beautiful and will make a great focal point in your kitchen decor.

Decide where you will put this picture in your kitchen and decide what size you need. If it is too little, it doesn’t make the impression you want, and if it is too big, it will look odd. Stand back and try to picture it hanging on the kitchen wall. Is it in a place that others will notice right away? Will it stand out? Don’t hide it. You are doing all this work to give your kitchen a beautiful facelift, show it off! So measure the space and order your picture.

What Is Best Kitchen Paint To Buy?

The kitchen is the hub of your home, but it is also the place where the temperature changes with the use of the stove and oven and where water is used a lot. So we want to choose paint that will stand up to those things. I always use a Semi-glass on my kitchen walls. It cleans up easy year after year and retain its beautiful finish and color. I choose to use Benjamin Moore Paint to paint your kitchen walls because the colors are always amazing and the paint is easy to apply and doesn’t splatter all over me when I am rolling it.

Next decide what color you want to paint your kitchen the walls. If you like the top two pictures, I would paint the walls white or with one of the primary colors in the picture. If you prefer one of the bottom pictures I have picked out a couple paint colors that will work well.

The first paint chip is called Twisted Oak Path by Benjamin Moore. This would make a great subtle color for your walls. Its clean, but has a touch of color and its not your normal white or off-white. Once you tie in all the teal accessories, this will be beautiful.

Another great choice would be Paradiso by Benjamin Moore. It is a bit more daring and will really make a statement in your kitchen. You could paint the kitchen cabinets teal instead of painting the walls. They would really make a huge change in your kitchen. It isn’t as safe as the Twisted Oak Path, but I really like it….but then, I love this color. If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your kitchen, this might make it dark. As long as I have lots of great lighting in my kitchen, I am ok with a color like this. This color will look great at night when all the main lights are off and you have on just your small lights, like the under counter lights. I always leave a light on in the kitchen, anyone else do that?

If you really want to make splash, go daring with this beautiful orange color that is in the last picture. It is called Hugs and Kisses by Benjamin Moore, not really sure why. All I know is that it would look awesome on the walls with the teal accessories I have chosen. What do you have to lose? If you don’t like it, just repaint it a safe color.

Safe has never been fun and this is a fun kitchen paint color. I painted my blind mothers kitchen orange and it was brighter than this. She has lots of natural light that comes in and it looks wonderful. Of course she thinks it does because I described it to her in terms she knew and I added all the great accessories. When people come into their home, it is the first thing they notice. Everyone loves it!

If you decide you want to try one of these colors, just click on the “more information” tab and you can order a sample or look at more colors at Benjamin Moore website. There are hundreds of choices and the choice is all yours, so have fun with it.

Get your walls painted, clean up and then move on to decorating your gorgeous kitchen.

Choosing A Complementary Kitchen Rug

I suggest using rugs to tie in many of your colors. I would start by thinking about placing a rug under the kitchen table. If you don’t have an eat in kitchen, then try to find another place for a rug. Maybe a kitchen runner in front of the sink or stove area. This just serves to tie in your colors. The colors that you decide to go with will probably be different, so just shop for what you think will look good with your focal point in your kitchen and test it out. If you order from, which is where I found all these, you can return everything really easily.

Here are some great ideas for this color combination.

Any of these rugs will work with a teal kitchen. Check for the sizes they come in and pick one that you really like. I would suggest that if you paint the walls the teal color to stay away from the solid teal rug. Remember, this is the only color that will be on the floor, so you can get a bit daring here. You also need to take in to consideration what is on your floor now. If it is tile or hardwood, you can put any color on those. But if you have carpet in your kitchen, that is another dynamic you must consider with your choice in teal kitchen decor.

Now that you have the walls painted and the rugs laid, it’s time to look at your teal kitchen decor. You may have teal dishes, canisters and other teal kitchen accessories you found around your kitchen or that you have purchased. Work on one thing at a time, stand back and look at your work, then move on to the next.

I really like to keep all the clutter out of the kitchen when I am working on it. I put everything in the living room and just introduce one or two pieces into the room at any time. This keeps the clutter down and helps me to focus. I am creating art here!

Ideas for Kitchen Dishes

If you are going to give your kitchen a new design and new dishes are one of the new things you are adding, these will be perfect for this teal kitchen design. With a great variety, you should find something that appeals to you.

I really like all of these, but if I had to choose one it would be the American Atelier Quatre Teal Dinnerware Set. I tend to lean towards the teal and white because I have a really dark kitchen. They just look cheery to me and I find the pattern very calming. I choose my dishes based on how they make me feel. I like the fact that it is a set for four and that it is moderately priced.

All of these simply beautiful sets are both practical and pretty. Not only can you can use them for dining and entertaining on a daily basis, but they would look lovely on display as well. With tableware this gorgeous, it would be a shame to let all that style hide behind your cabinet doors.

Canisters To Add Color

I use my canisters for my flour, sugar and things like that. But they are just as much a design element in a teal blue kitchen as the dishes or rugs are. It is important to choose a set that goes with the rest of the design, not to say that you can’t get a little bold with your colors.

I really like the Tooled Ceramic Canister Set . They will add a great color addition to this kitchen design. The problem with these are that I am not sure of the color. They look like they would match the picture so well. But once we get them they may be all wrong. I really am attracted to the tooled work that these canisters appear to have. My grandfather was a leather worker and I would sit and watch him for yours work with the leather and make it into a beautiful piece of tooled leather. Good memories!

You need to be careful when you have too many things in your decorations that all look the same or all the same color. They will all blend it together. You don’t want that. You want each design element to stand out and add to the overall design of your teal blue kitchen decor. Not that you want each piece to be the focal point, but they will all meld together to create an appealing kitchen to your eye and will make you smile every time you step in.

A Bit of This and That

Little pieces of color will just enhance your teal kitchen design. Place them either by themselves or along with other interesting pieces for a very interesting display.

There are so many different pieces you can add to your kitchen design, but take it slowly. Add one thing at a time and then just stand back and look at it. Does it feel right? Does it feel good? Then leave it and add another piece to this puzzle. I am a fan of utensil jars. They are so useful and they bring additional color into the kitchen.

If you have shelves in your kitchen, try to set them up with interesting things. It can be corresponding colors or muted tones.

Ok, this was just an idea of how to pull together a teal kitchen. You can take all these ideas and do it with any color combination that you want. Everything I have shown you is easy to do and basically happens pretty fast. Just don’t let the idea of painting your kitchen scare you. Make your kitchen a fun place for you and your family by choosing a great picture to be your focal point and find the perfect paint for your kitchen.

Here are some great ideas for other kitchen colors.

Yellow and White Kitchen Ideas
Yellow and White Kitchen Ideas To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Green and White Kitchen Ideas
Green and White Kitchen Ideas To Freshen Up Your Kitchen. When your kitchen gets a bit stale, find some great ideas on how to freshen it up with the color green.

And most of all….Have Fun!!!

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