Kitchen Counter Lamps to Light Your Way in the Dark Kitchen

Kitchen Counter Lamps: Soft Welcoming Light Leads The Way

My sister taught me the value of kitchen counter lamps years ago.

She showed me how to soften my kitchen lighting when I am not cooking by using small lamps on the kitchen countertop.

She would always put a few knick-knacks around them and really dress them up. She adds things she has around the house. A pretty plate and a colorful bottle, maybe a book or two. Things like that will make this a very interesting corner of your kitchen counter.

They really set a nice calm mood in the kitchen for when you were ready for a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate in the the evening. No need for a big light, you have plenty with your kitchen counter lamp.

I have had a small lamp in all of my kitchens over the years. It’s never the same lamp, sometimes its a novelty kitchen lamp just for fun. Whatever I like at that time.

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I have mine sitting on the top of a shelf in my kitchen. It is kept on all the time, except at night. I am too old for a night light.

So what’s the best size of lamp to have for the kitchen? The best size is the size that fits under your upper cabinets or if you have a built in desk in the kitchen, you can probably get away with a bit bigger size.

But still try to keep it intimate. That is what you are trying to achieve here.

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Find a spot out of the way, maybe a corner or the far edge of the countertop. You don’t want it in the way when you are cooking.

Usually in a corner is the best. It sits back there and minds it’s own business and does it’s job day after day and night after night.

If you kitchen has a bit of color, try to match the lamp or lampshade with your decor. Or if you kitchen is just white or black, add a touch of color with a Tiffany Lamp so it can shine on your counter and really make a statement.

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It may be a small lamp, but if you pick the right one, it will not be ignored.

You may already have a few around the house that you can pull for a unique kitchen lamp.

Be creative and try different lamps with different decorations around it. You might be surprised what really speaks to you.

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Try some funky lamps in your kitchen. Sometimes these create the intimate light you want with a great piece of interest for others that enter.

When you find something you like, just leave it there a few days and see how it feels. You may decide that it isn’t the right one. Keep looking.

I have given you some great choices and some great kitchen lighting ideas using lamps.

Remember, this is suppose to be fun, so don’t stress over it. If you don’t have a place in your kitchen for a kitchen counter lamp, that’s ok. Maybe in your next kitchen you will. Keep this idea in the back of your mind.

Originally posted 2014-11-25 18:29:35.

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