Get Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets – Easy and Naturally

What is the best way to Get Grease off Kitchen Cabinets?

I finally found a way to get grease off kitchen cabinets! We moved into a rental last fall and I haven’t touched the cabinets yet.

Yep, these are my greasy cabinets that you saw in my post on cleaning kitchen cabinet hardware and knobs. I haven’t cleaned all 15 knobs yet, but when I get the grease off the kitchen cabinets, I thought it would be a good time to clean the pulls at the same time.

How to Clean Gunk Off Cabinets

I used natural products again to clean the cooking grease off my wood cabinets. I don’t want to risk harming them since I am renting. Also, I just found out my dog has bad allergies, so I am trying not to use any cleaning products that will make it worse.

I have two mixtures I tried to get grease off kitchen cabinets. One is for cleaning cooking grease off wood cabinets. The other mixture is for those really stubborn gunky spots that nothing seems to touch.

This is what you will need:

Mixture 1:

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil (any kind of oil is fine)

4 Tablespoons White Vinegar

2 Cups Warm Water

You can either mix it in a spray bottle or in a bowl. I like to do it in the bowl because I like to rinse my rag out. Just remember to mix it up with your fingers each time so the oil mixes with the water.

Step One:

Take the handles off the door. It will be much easier than working around them. Like I said, this is a good time to clean them also. For a natural way to clean kitchen cabinets and knobs….follow this link to my post where I also have a video of how I did it on one of mine.

Step Two:

Either spray or dip your rag in the bowl of the grease busting mixture and scrub it with a soft rag. Don’t use a rough kitchen scrubby on your cabinets. You might ruin the finish. Rinse them off and buff till they shine like new. Mine did really well to get grease off my kitchen cabinets. Except I had some really gunky parts. That is where mixture 2 comes .

Mixture 2:

4 Tablespoons Baking soda

2 Tablespoons Vegetable oil

Step One:

In a small bowl, measure 1 part vegetable oil (I used olive oil) and 2 parts baking soda. In my video I used 4 tablespoons baking soda to 2 tablespoon olive oil (from my Rachael Ray EVOO Dispenser. I love it!!!). In the video I gave the wrong amounts, so use this mixture, not the one you hear me say on the video….sorry.

Step Two:

Mix it up into a nice paste and then take a little bit and start rubbing it on your cabinets where it is really dirty. I used my wet rag to help me scrub it. It took me 5 minutes and I had it all clean.

It worked great.

Both recipes together make a great dynamic duo. You get most of the gunk with the first mixture and finish with the second recipe to get the grime that is down and dirty in you cabinet.

Watch As I Test These Mixtures To Get Grease Off Kitchen Cabinets

Please excuse the quality of the video, I am not a professional at videos….yet. Maybe someday. But I wanted to show you how easy it was and I did it with all natural products. It was really easy and fast to get grease off my kitchen cabinets.


I hope this helped and I hope your cabinets all turn out shiny and clean. There is nothing better than a clean kitchen!


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  1. Maggie said:

    WOW, thanks. I often wondered what worked naturally – this has helped me so much, as I an “Going Green” in as many areas as I can.

    April 3, 2016

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