Find The Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Find The Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

I was raised in a farmhouse in Missouri. We had a farmhouse sink and I thought it was simply ordinary until I grew up and got a home of my own. I have missed that sink every since.

Now that farmhouse kitchen sinks are back in style, I have been researching them to help me find the perfect farmhouse kitchen sink for my home.

A Few Things To Think About

Before You Find The Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

A farmhouse kitchen sink is much bigger than your normal kitchen sink. Depending on the construction type you choose, it could weigh 80 pounds more than your old one. That means you may have to add some reinforcement under the sink before the farmhouse kitchen sink is installed.

Also think about the depth of your new farmhouse kitchen sink. They can range from between 6 inches to over 10 inches deep. But remember that the depth of the sink will affect the cabinet beneath it. The deeper the sink, the less space you will have for storage underneath.

Will your new farmhouse kitchen sink have one two or three basins? These are things you need to think about before you buy. I like two basins because too many times I am working in one basin with something dirty and then I want to clean something. If all I have is one basin, it’s tricky to get those things done.

I recently ran across this picture where someone added two farmhouse kitchen sinks and I love it.
Double Farmhouse Apron Sinks For My Kitchen
This would be my ideal kitchen sink set up. But this would take a really large kitchen with lots of counter space. But this is a good picture showing that if we can dream it, it is possible.

There is no right or wrong way to set this up. But you need to think about what you really want before you go buy.

Next, be sure to measure your cabinets carefully. If you buy a farmhouse kitchen sink that is too big, you will have installation problems. If it’s too wide, you will have problems too. Measure carefully!

I would suggest getting your plumber to come look at your set up and get his advice about size and mounting types that will work well with your cabinets. That way you will be safe since he will probably be installing this sink for you.

Finally, once you have decided on the size and how many basins, if you choose to use the fireclay sinks, be sure to buy the sink grids that are available. Pots and pans will damage your sink and make it ugly. These grids will help you with that.

My Favorite Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink

This is the farmhouse apron kitchen sink I am dreaming of installing. I like it because it is cast iron. I was raised with a cast iron farmhouse sink and I know we put it through some tough things. With a little elbow grease it always came out shiny and looking new.

Cast iron does cost a bit more, but there is reason. Check out this nice video about cast iron and why it is perfect for any families home.

I love the clean, classic lines of this farmhouse sink. With two basins of the same size, I will be able to be doing two things at once without mixing clean with dirty. The basins are 8 inches deep, deep enough to handle the jobs I will give it, but shallow enough that I won’t be leaning over all the time to get to the bottom.

KOHLER K-6534-4-0 Hawthorne Apron-Front, Tile-In Kitchen Sink, White

These are my dreams for to find the perfect farmhouse kitchen sink. I hope it helps you in your search as well. I can’t wait till we can install ours. Have fun shopping!

Stainless Steel Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Sinks are made of different materials. They are all good, it just depends on what you like better. I prefer the Fire Clay sinks. But here are a few stainless steel farmhouse sinks that I wouldn’t mind having either. My friend has one of these in the double sink and I love it!

33 inch Kitchen Sink36 inch 60/40 Kitchen Sink33 inch 60/40 Double Sink Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink33 Inch x 20 Inch 60/40 Offset Luxury Handmade Kitchen Sink30 Inch x 21 Inchl Luxury Handmade Kitchen Sink cUPC Zero Radius33 Inch Curved Front Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink Zero Radius

Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

With the right cabinets and counter tops, I can really see these copper farmhouse kitchen sinks being beautiful. I am very intrigued by these sinks. They remind me of something I would see in an old farmhouse in France.

White Fire Clay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Just a few more white fire clay farmhouse kitchen sinks. Your favorite farmhouse sink might not be what mine is.

24-Inch Fire Clay Farmer Sink, White20-Inch Single Bowl Farm Sink, WhiteWhite Double Bowl31-Inch Fire Clay Double Bowl36-Inch by 18-Inch by 10-InchMitrani Tuscan DB 33

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  1. Such beautiful ideas! I also dream of a large kitchen where I have lots of counter space and can scrub dishes while looking out the window! One day maybe…

  2. I just love those farmhouse sinks. My grandmother had one in her old farmhouse and I think of her whenever I see a picture of one. The double sink you have pictured is perfect!

  3. A Farmhouse Kitchen! It’s unrealistic for me right now, but in my fantasy, I can feel its reality. In my imagination and daydreams, I am happy in my beautiful kitchen. One day it will not be just wishful thinking!

  4. An absolute must have – just love it!

  5. I adore this website, Bren. Just recently completed a home remodel in the quest for the perfect kitchen.

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