Build A Kitchen Table Yourself

DIY Build Kitchen Table

Have you ever wanted a big Farmhouse kitchen table? Me too. But have you priced them lately? Wow…out of my price range.

When I found this DIY Build Kitchen Table site with the plans and step by step instructions I thought I struck gold. Anna White shows us everything we need to have and what to do.

DIY Build Kitchen Table
This is perfect because it can be used indoors or out.

It can be used as a formal dining table even. Look what this couple did with their DIY Kitchen Table.

Rustic and chic go together these days and I love it.

Anna White says she built this table for $65. Can you believe that? I can afford that.

You can really make this farmhouse table your own. You don’t have to stain it, you could paint it. I think I would use the chalk paint that is so popular right now. I have been looking for a project to do use that on. Chalk paint is perfect for the shabby chic look. I am dying to use the gray or the Robins egg blue.


Help Building Your Farmhouse Kitchen Table

If you would really like to build a farmhouse kitchen table, but are afraid you might mess it up…help is here. Here is all the help you need to make sure your construction plans are completed. Just follow the simple instructions and you will be building like the Pros.
Watch this sneak peek at what you will be getting.


DIY Build Kitchen Table and Paint With Chalk Paint

Here are the essentials you need if you also want to paint this table with a chalk paint finish. Now don’t misunderstand me, this is not chalkboard paint. Your table will not be able to be written on with chalk. This is a type of paint that feels like chalk when it is dry, but then you add a coat of wax to make it smooth. It gives the furniture a very rustic used look.

Renaissance Chalk PaintMinwaxProfessional Wax Brush

There are many different brands for chalk paint, but you can make your own recipe with any color pain you want. Anne Sloan is probably the person who made this technique known in the states. I love her projects. It’s the wax that makes it look old and used.

Small Dresser Painted With Chalk Paint
This was found on Brushstrokes By Mary Anne’s web site.

Here are a few projects I really love and want to try my hand at.

On her site she answers questions about chalk paint that you may find interesting. Check it out.


Chalk Painted Large Dresser
This woman from Salvaged Inspirations took a really ugly dresser and created it into something we would love to display in our homes just by using chalk paint. Check out how she did it here.

That is just an idea of what I would like to do with my Farmhouse DIY Build Kitchen Table plans. If you are not the DIY kind of person, it’s ok, you can buy a Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Table.

I am not sure how fast I will get this done and I may have to bring in my dad to help me, but I will have my Farmhouse table.

When I do, I will get some pictures posted on here.

Have fun with this project!



Originally posted 2015-03-21 14:43:17.

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