Create A Country Cottage-Style Kitchen

Create A Country Cottage Style Kitchen

A Country Cottage-style Kitchen has an easy-living attitude. It’s comfortable and inviting and everyone will feel free take their shoes off and enjoy themselves. You can’t help but be comfortable in this kitchen.

The best kitchens are the ones that everyone makes themselves at home. That is the reason I love big kitchens. It seems that everyone ends up in there while I am cooking. I like it that way and I love the company. It is where all the real visiting happens. So I make it a cozy and inviting place.


A Country Cottage Style Kitchen Island

Create A Country Cottage-Style Kitchen
To help create that country cottage-style feeling in a new kitchen try adding an old vintage table to be used as an island. Not only will it provide more work space, but it will add interest, warmth, and rustic charm as well. Look for vintage tables that are at least waist-high, anything shorter will not work for an island. If it is waist high, you can add more height with castor wheels.

If you find the perfect table but it isn’t vintage, that’s ok, choose something you like. If you find a table you like, but would like it to look vintage, try using sandpaper on it to give it that vintage look. I wouldn’t suggest doing this for an area you will be preparing food on. So if the top is rough, be sure to use a cutting board or something to cover it when using it for food prep.

Americana Kitchen IslandAmericana Kitchen IslandCrosley Roots Rack Industrial Kitchen CartBoraam Sonoma Wire-Brush Kitchen Cart


Country Cottage Kitchens Need Wicker

Country Cottage Kitchens Need Some Wicker
Wicker baskets and furniture just scream country cottage, so try to put some added touches of wicker in your kitchen.

Wicker isn’t just for the outdoors, you can bring it inside and give your kitchen that airy look that country cottage kitchens have. I have an entire set of patio furniture that is wicker. In the winter I bring my favorite wicker chair inside. It looks very cute and cottagey….is that a word?

I know most wicker is painted white, but it doesn’t have to be white, paint it any color you want. Grab some wicker bar stools and paint them brown or black, whatever will go with your country cottage theme.

Here is a natural brown wicker bar stool that would be adorable in my kitchen.

Tustin Wicker Swivel Bar StoolTustin Wicker Swivel Bar StoolTustin Wicker Swivel Bar Stool

Wicker baskets on shelves is the perfect way to keep things organized without having to see the mess. I have shelves that I put them on in a row, they are perfect for storing anything. You can find baskets to fit your shelves or you can purchase shelves with baskets already sized right. That’s a bit easier than doing it the other way around.

3 Section Wide Bookshelf – EspressoLeo 4PC Shelf with 3 BasketsDover 4-Drawer Basket CabinetSEI Iron/Wicker Baker’s Rack

Here are just some basic wicker baskets that will fit on kitchen shelves or on a book shelf. If you have never used baskets in your shelves before, you may be surprised how much you like it. It gives your kitchen a cottage feel, but it also hides a multitude of sins.

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Change Up Your Cabinets For A Country Cottage Kitchen

Country Cottage Kitchens Open Shelves
Open shelves are a true country cottage kitchen feature. Not all of us can afford to take our existing cabinets out, so try taking off the doors to create the same look. Of course, this means you will have to keep them straight, no shoving things in there and slamming the door. I would leave the bottom doors on though.

Use your uppers to show off your pretty dishes or glassware. Your dish collections or any collections of interesting items will look great here. Try using cotton doilies on the shelves and let a little hang down in front for that true cottage look.


Glass Knobs For A Country Cottage Kitchen

For the cabinet doors that you do keep, dress them up with glass knobs. You will be creating that cottage feel with just these simple changes to your kitchen cabinets.

It would be even better if you could find vintage knobs. I have seen them at restoration shops and sometimes even at thrift stores. I think they get grabbed up fast though. They are popular.

Diamond Shape Crystal Glass Cabinet KnobVintage Clear Diamond Cabinet KnobClear Rose Bud Glass Cabinet KnobsClear Crystal Glass Door Knobs


Cottage Kitchens and Farmhouse Sinks Go Together

A true country cottage kitchen will have a farmhouse apron sink. Will you be changing your sink out for a new one? I can’t wait for mine to be installed. I am going to love the added room. Features like this one change will make your kitchen really stand out as a true country cottage kitchen. I really want a copper one. I love the look of them.

Fireclay Farmhouse Reversible Kitchen Double Bowl White SinkWhite Farmhouse Apron Front Kitchen SinkDouble Offset Bowl Copper Apron SinkRounded Apron Front Double Bowl Farmhouse Copper SinkFarmhouse Apron Stainless SteelFarmhouse Apron Stainless Steel


Every Cottage Kitchen Needs A Chandelier

The one thing that every country cottage kitchen needs is some kind of a chandelier. It may not be something as fancy as most people think when you say the word chandelier, but it needs to be something special that brings in that cottage feel.

My daughter and her husband bought one for their new kitchen. It is adorable! But I might give a warning here. We had to put it together. They bought it on, like I would have, and it came in many, many pieces. It took us all day, but we finally got it up and working. It was a great family project that I just happened to be there for.

Vintage Wrought Iron 10-light Chandeliers with Crystal DangleWrought Iron and Crystal 6 Light Chandelier with ShadesWrought Iron Crystal Chandelier Lighting Country French White6-Light Chandelier with Fluted Cream Bell Shades, Copper Bronze


It’s The Small Things That Make The Kitchen Country Cottage

Your goal is to blend old with new to create your perfect country cottage kitchen. Adding a few vintage looking corbels, brackets, and moldings will really bring the cottage feel alive.

When we see these in someones house, it is where our eye goes first. It’s the small touches that mean the most. Finding old vintage pieces is hard to do, but you can create a vintage looking piece using a something new.

Try painting a piece the same color as your cabinets or your accent color and then take a piece of sand paper to rough it up and make it look vintage. If you don’t like it, you can always paint it again.

Those are my ideas on how to make a Country Cottage-Style Kitchen. You can do them all or just one. This is your creation, so make it all yours with your personal touches. Have fun with it!

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  2. I was in a country style shabby chic kitchen the other day and it was gorgeous. I simply love the look of a country cottage style kitchen but it wouldn’t fit the decor in my house at all unfortunately.

  3. You’ve set everything out very nicely, so many options for a country cottage kitchen.

  4. Nicola Gill says:

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  5. I love the way you are looking at things with a country cottage kitchen. I am undergoing a kitchen reno right now and I was thinking of some of these ideas. Oh and by the way, you helped me out with the corbel I was looking for. Right there among your choices. Thank you. Beautiful website, love the whole idea.

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