Cobalt Blue & White Kitchen

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This Cobalt Blue and; White Kitchen is so pretty and calming!

I love a large kitchen and this pretty Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen is perfect. There isn’t a ton of blue, but just enough.

I have always wanted a blue kitchen, but this is really the best of both worlds. It’s not too much blue, just the right amount. I like how light and airy it feels with all the white in the room.

The floor is my favorite though. You could have some fun putting together all those colors and sizes.

Check Out the Great Sitting Area

The sitting area by the fireplace is the perfect place to sit looking at recipe books. I love to read them, but I don’t always make the wonderful dishes I read about. If  I ever get to design my own home, my kitchen will have a sitting area with windows so I can sit and read while things are cooking.
Cobalt Blue Sitting Area

I really like that they left most of the things in the sitting room white too. Although to me, that bookcase look out of place. I would have used a white book case with a little more class and lots of room.

I feel that the fireplace is the focal point of this room, but if you don’t have a fireplace and you are trying to replicate this room, don’t be discouraged. Did you know that you can buy electric fireplaces that are truly beautiful? They come in any color and size that you want. I have had several and love them.

The sofa must be a comfortable one, but not too comfortable that I will fall asleep and let dinner burn. I would definitely stay with the white sofa color. That is so pretty.

I am a huge coffee drinker, so I like to have side tables to put my coffee on. They don’t have them in this kitchen, although they do have a coffee table. I am not a coffee table fan, I always feel like I have to reach too far. I know…I am spoiled.

The other two things that tie this room together is the white rug and the picture above the fireplace. If you have read any of my other kitchen blogs, you will realize that I like to put things in my kitchen that make me happy. So that picture above their fireplace wouldn’t do it for me. I need something that makes me smile every time I see it one that wall. What about you?

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Check Out the Island!

I have an island in my kitchen and I love it. Mine houses my stove top, but this island doesn’t, which means that if you don’t have an island now, you can get something simpler.

You can start with a pre-made one and then if you like it, you can move up to a built-in later.

I also have a post on DIY Islands re-purposing furniture. You can check that blog out here. Amazon has a ton of islands to choose from just to get you started.Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen Island
The cobalt blue dutch ovens make a great color splash in the kitchen island. I like that they left the top clear. It is the perfect place to work. I can never have enough countertop space.

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Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen Faucet!

Kitchen faucets are hard for me to pick out. I want the best, which my plumber brother in law says is Delta, but I like the really big tall ones. He got me both for my new Delta faucet.

Cobalt Blue & White Kitchen Faucet

It is very similar to the Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen faucet. I love that it comes apart and becomes a sprayer too. I use it all the time. I am sure you know what I mean.

Delta Faucet 9159-AR-DSTDelta Faucet 9159-AR-DSTDelta Faucet 9159-AR-DSTDelta Faucet 9159-AR-DST

Check out the cabinets, too. I like that they didn’t make all the door glass. I don’t know about you, but there are some things I don’t want to show off in my cabinets. Like the spice cabinet….it’s a mess. So the way they did it is nice. Some are glass and some are solid cabinet doors.

I love the spaciousness of this Cobalt Blue and White kitchen and there are a lot of great qualities here that I would want in my next design kitchen.

The Full Picture of the Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen

Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen
Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen
Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen

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