Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Adding Drawers

10 Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Storage is always a problem in any kitchen. Even when you have a ton of storage, it just never seems to be enough.

The problem is we have things that are odd shapes and sizes that don’t always fit nicely in the storage cabinets we have.

What do we do about that? We find clever kitchen storage ideas.

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas for Baking Pans

1. None of our kitchens are the same, so it’s difficult to just say – do this. You need to really look at the space in your kitchen to determine what you can change and what you can add to. For instance, we all usually have double bottom kitchen cabinets, but it seems like I waste a lot of space using them. This would be a great DIY project.
Super Clever Kitchen Storage Idea
Simply by adding shelves to the lower cabinets you already have you will be saving space and in the same way, making it safer to store the glass baking dishes. Mine are all stacked on top of each other. I know that isn’t safe. I really need to find a space to do this idea. I like it so much better. Garden Web shares tips.

2. Here is a great variation on that, putting the shelves vertical instead so that the baking tins will stand up nicely.
Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas for Baking Pans
They show this above the refrigerator, which I think is an excellent idea. Or maybe above the stove vent. I can never reach those cabinets since I am 5’2, so these are perfect ideas for me to use the space.

This will be an easy DIY project for you or your hubby. If you don’t have space above the refrigerator or the stove vent, think about in the laundry room or somewhere close to the kitchen. These are things we don’t use everyday, but we need near by. Tips from Family Handy Man.

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Adding Drawers

These aren’t DIY projects, or at least I couldn’t do this on my own. But I have a good friend that makes custom cabinets and I know he would help me.
Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Adding Drawers
3. These drawers just make sense. I can never find anything under my kitchen sink. So a drawer instead of cabinet doors is perfect.

4. I have my onions and potatoes out, but I love this idea. They are near by, but out of sight. This drawer was made for these veggies, so they will be taken care of there. I love this drawer!

5. If you are building an island or are thinking about it, why not try to put big drawers in the end if you have room, for dishes that you use every day. This would save me so much time. We use our dishes for 3 meals around here and so they are washed often. If I made these drawers in my island they would be close to both the dishwasher and the table. Perfect solution and great use of space Great tips by DecorZilla.

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Utensils

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Utensils
6. This is an awesome idea. I have what I think we all typically have, a crock next to my stove with all my cooking utensils stuck in there. I don’t really mind the look of it, but it would save so much counter space if they didn’t have to sit there. I have never seen this before, but I NEED it. It looks like this would be really easy to keep clean as well. It appears that they have used metal crocks that lift out to clean. That is perfect, because you know all sorts of crumbs and things will get in there while you are cooking.
Idea shared by Houzz. (Portland Kitchen & Bath Designers, Kirstin Havnaer)

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Plastic-ware

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Storing Plastic-ware
7. I have a love/hate relationship with plastic-ware. I need it and use it often, but storing them is a nightmare. I purchased ones that are all alike and the lids snap together so you can’t really lose them. It helps, but that cabinet is still a mess. So finding this drawer is a dream come true. Since I have a friend that makes cabinets, I could tell him what size my sets are and he could make the cubbies the exact size I need. I am thinking that my hubby is not going to like some of these ideas. I see a remodel coming in my future. Clever idea by Missy Sue.

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Silverware

8. Here is a great idea for storing your silverware.
Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Silverware
I like the idea of them being stored vertically instead of laying down flat. It would keep the grand kids from fingering every spoon in the drawer till they find what they want. But it would be a space saver as well. Idea shared by Houzz.

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Spices

My spices are my pet peeve. There is no easy way to store these for me to be able to find what I need when I need it. I have a few of my favorites that I use everyday in a basket in my island.

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Spices
But there are so many others I know I would use if I could just find them when I need them. So, here are some DIY ideas that we can do and have a bit of spice peace afterwards.

9.This is a really great idea and will work well. We usually have a drawer near the stove. But you will have to buy the bottles and then mark them all. You could probably do it in an afternoon. If you have a source for used baby food jars, this would be perfect. If not, you can find some great spice jar choices here. Then label them with these chalk labels. These are handy to have around for many projects in your home. Tips comes from Frugal Decor Mom.

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Spices
10. Either hang them on your back-splash or inside your cabinet doors. These magnetic spice holders are strong and able to handle the weight. This set comes with the magnetic board and 24 spice jars. The jars hold 1.5 ounces, but when I look at my spices, most of them aren’t that big. So this perfect. This set also comes with labels for the jars. Every thing you need to get those spices organized.

Ok…that’s my 10 Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas. I hope you found them as clever as I did. I need all the help I can get organizing my kitchen. This will help.

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