Choosing New  Cabinet Hardware, Pulls, and Handles

Choosing New  Cabinet Hardware, Pulls, and Handles

Buying New Cabinet Hardware, Pulls, and Handles is confusing. Let’s see if we can break it down.

With so many different styles, shapes and colors for new kitchen cabinet hardware, pulls and door handles, it can be overwhelming to choose any of them. Here are a few things I figured out while I was trying to choose new pulls and handles. When I am confronted with too many choices, it’s hard for me to make a decision.

Which Metal Will Look Best On Your Cabinets?

First…..What are your options. These are the most common cabinet hardware, pulls and handles on the market. You can find hand made ones and glass blown knobs too, but those aren’t as common as we see in the hardware stores or on Amazon.

Cabinet Hardware, Pulls, Handles – Break it Down!

Oil Rubbed Bronze cabinet hardware pulls handles
1. The Oil Rubbed Bronze:  This pull is a perfect contrast color for white cabinets. It brings a bit of old flair into the kitchen, especially with a farm sink. It really gives a traditional feel to any room it is used in.

Oil Rubbed Bronze kitchen hardware is known to be very durable and great at NOT showing finger prints. It also won’t show water spots.

This also mixes really well with darker wood cabinets and works great with the Tuscan theme. ( Found at

2. Satin NickelSatin Nickel cabinet hardware pulls handles
Satin Nickel or Brushed Nickel? Satin nickel has a shinier gloss coat, where the brushed nickel has a soft, matte finish. So the choice is up to you.

Satin Nickel looks great with more modern finishes; cool tones and lighter color schemes like whites, grays and pastels.

The top benefit is that it does NOT show finger prints or scratches. It has a timeless look that you can enjoy for years to come. (Found at Amazon)

Flat Black cabinet hardware pulls handles
3. Flat Black – The Flat Black look always reminds me of hammered steel or wrought iron from centuries ago. But when used with black against white you get a very modern feel that is bold. Black and white is really a popular color scheme. On black cabinets, these flat black handles and pulls will just fade away.

If you are going for a country or cottage feel, these would be beautiful.

These will instantly update an old tired kitchen by giving you a fresh new look without the huge cost.

Since they are fingerprint resistant, they are perfect for kids. They are durable and strong too. (Found at  Amazon)

Polished Chrome Cabinet Hardware, Pulls, Handles4. Polished Chrome
Polished Chrome cabinet pulls are shiny and bright and so lovely. Now for the bad part. They show fingerprints and require a special cleaner to keep them pretty and shiny. The polished chrome is just harder to maintain.

If you are going for a modern, industrial, contemporary or vintage look, these are perfect for you. The polished chrome will show scratches, but if you are doing the vintage or industrial look, that will be ok.

Who can resist how sleek they look in your kitchen. Wow….they are pretty! (Found at Amazon)

Crystal cabinet hardware pulls handles
5. Crystal – Crystal knobs are my all time favorite. I love anything vintage. My great grandparents had crystal knobs on all the doors and kitchen cabinets. I thought they were so pretty. It’s like they are jewelry for the kitchen.

They can create different looks in your kitchen, depending on your cabinet color. The picture shows them on white cabinets and then on a darker color cabinet. They are both just as beautiful.

These do NOT show finger prints and they wear well. Just wipe them off like you would a crystal bowl. (Found at Amazon)

All of these cabinet hardware, pulls and handles are beautiful, but each of us gets to choose what is beautiful to them. I love the crystal, but they may not be your cup of tea. That’s ok. Choose what makes you happy!

If you think you want to try to save the old ones and just clean them, check out a few tips I found by cleaning my own kitchen cabinet hardware. How To Clean Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Knobs.

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