Black and White Dishes

My Favorite Black and White Dinnerware Sets

Don’t be afraid of Black and White Dinnerware Sets!

Black and White Dinnerware Sets will make a black or white kitchen beautiful, add one bright color and your kitchen will come alive. Mix and matching dish colors is very trendy right now. Experiment with it till you find a pattern that makes you happy.

So many of us, including me, rent our homes and have no control over what color the kitchen is painted or decorated. But we can control the dinnerware. Black and white dinnerware sets go with any color. Just add that one extra color and you have dinnerware that coordinates with your kitchen.

Take a look at these dish pairings. They aren’t a set, but look how nice they look together. I like to buy two dinnerware sets that I can use together. They may not be the same color, but if it makes me happy and I think it will make a pretty table, then that’s what I buy.

black white dinner sets

Now On To Some Beautiful Black and White Dinnerware Sets

Denby Monsoon Home Chrysanthemum

Black and White Dishes

Denby Monsoon Home Chrysanthemum – Simple black and white dinnerware sets, but so elegant. This set adds a few hints of color in the dish pattern, but don’t feel you have to decorate around your kitchen using only these colors. Be bold! (Found at

Denby Jet Stripes

black white dish sets
Denby Jet Stripes – These feels like a very manly black and white dish set, and it would be perfect for a bachelor. The stripes on these aren’t all black either, did you notice that. They are black, gray, blue and green. Very subtle but modern colors. The colors on the cups seem matte, which is nice too. We are so used to our dinnerware shining, maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. (Found at

Luminarc “Tiago” Unbreakable Tempered Glass

black white dish set

Luminarc “Tiago” Unbreakable Tempered Glass – Checks or plaid or whatever you want to call it, is very appealing on this set of black and white dishes. When they mixed it with the teal place mats, it completely changed the look. They are very interesting to look at and will set a charming table. (Found at

Luminarc Stylish French Dinnerware Set

 black white dish sets

Luminarc Stylish French Dinnerware Set – Simple black and white dish set that when used separately or together, they make a statement. They are designed to be used together. The popular square plates with an extra flair, make this black and white dinnerware set extra special. (Found at

American Atelier Twilight Blossom

black white dish set
American Atelier Twilight Blossom – This does look like twilight, seeing only the silhouettes of the plants or tree limbs. These will be fun to mix and match. Some days you might feel just like white and other days you just want black. Having the option is nice. (Found at

Damask Dinnerware Set

 black and white dish sets

Damask Dinnerware Set – Classy, yet modern. Can you see these in your dining room set for a special event? I can. But I can also see me grabbing a small plate for my bagel and cream cheese in the morning. This is a great way to start your morning….with Damask black and white dishes. Does this black and white dish set make you smile? (Found at

Lenox Emeril Decatur Dinnerware Set

lenox black white dish set
Lenox Emeril Decatur Dinnerware Set – Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse gives us a great modern, yet classic design for black and white dishes. I could see myself eating off these dishes in some small Italian restaurant in Italy. I wonder if Chef Emeril uses these in his restaurants? hmmmmm (Found at

Karim Rashid Dinnerware

black white dinnerware sets
Karim Rashid Dinnerware – Does this one mess with your eyes a little bit? Me too. But I am drawn to it as well. This black and white dinnerware set is so modern that it would really take very minimalist decor to carry it off. Although, I would love to try to fit it into country chic, just for fun. Karim Rashid has won many awards for his designs . Beautiful work! (Found at

Karim Rashid Camo Dinnerware

black white dish set
Karim Rashid Camo Dinnerware – I know a few hunters that would think this set was pretty cool. Karim Rashid designed a camo black and white dish set, with gray thrown in there. Seriously, these would be great for any home, but I see them in a country setting. I am not sure I have ever seem camo dinnerware before. (Found at

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Black White Dinnerware Sets PIN
Black and White Dinnerware Sets PIN

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