Best Iced Tea Maker

It’s summer time and I love a cold glass of iced tea! I make a fresh pitcher every day. The best iced tea maker that I have found is the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker.

I am not a huge gadget person, so when my sister recommended I get one, I put her off for several years. I have no idea why I fought her so long, maybe to save money, I really don’t know.

Then one day while I was at her house, we made iced tea with her iced tea maker. Wow….I was surprised how easy it was and how quickly it made the tea.  Once I got my own, I was hooked. No more forgetting the tea bags in the water steeping for hours and creating bad tea. Fool proof…just what I need.

Best Ice Tea MakersWhen I made tea with boiling water on the stove top, I would add the tea and then forget about it. Some days it was horrible because I left it steep too long and some days I was in a hurry and it looked like tinted water. Did I mention that I am a tea snob. I will throw a pitcher of tea away and start over if it isn’t right. So really, this iced tea maker is saving me money. I get a  perfect pitcher of iced tea every time.

I do have to admit though, I don’t follow their instructions. They say to fill the water so far up and add that to the iced tea maker and then to fill the pitcher with ice. I don’t do that. I just add cold water when it is done brewing.

Best Iced Tea Maker
So here is how I do it, just in case you are wondering.

The pitcher and the iced tea machine fit together nicely, so you can see where the pitcher needs to sit while in the tea making process. Otherwise you will make a huge mess. Just raise the lid and take out the filter basket. You will have to move the arm out of the way to do this.

Poor in about 2 or 3 cups of water. I don’t fill the water reservoir  up. Put the filter basket back on top and put your tea in like you see in the picture below.

I like to use 2 family size bags of Luzianne Tea and 3 bags of Bigelow Plantation Mint . I really like mint in my tea, but not fresh mint from the garden. If you don’t like mint, then leave that out. Experiment by adding flavored teas.

Best Iced Tea Maker
Next swing the arm back over the filter basket, close the lid and set the iced tea maker for how strong you want it. I like it strong. Press the on button and stand back to let the machine do it job.

At this point you can walk away. It will only brew to the strength that you want it. Sometimes I forget and it sits there a few hours. That’s OK, it is still going to be a great pitcher of tea.

Once all the water has been strained through the filter basket, you can raise the lid and throw away the tea bags and fill the pitcher with cold water.

I am on my second iced tea maker and I saved the pitcher from the last one. When I have company over, I make two pitchers of tea, one with sugar and one without. If I add sugar, I use about a cup. I add it when the tea is still warm and I haven’t added cold water yet. It dissolves much easier that way.

It’s so easy, you are going to love it too!

Now you know my secret to my great tea…and I do get lot’s of compliments, go grab your own Mr. Coffee Best Iced Tea Maker now and start making the best tea you will drink anywhere.

Originally posted 2015-07-01 12:28:20.

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2 thoughts on “Best Iced Tea Maker

  1. I still have my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker that’s several years old. I love it too. It’s been a great helper to me and sometimes in the Summer I use it 2-3 times a day. I’m amazed it has lasted so long. I like this model you are reviewing here – much simpler to use! Great post!

  2. I completely agree. I love my Mr. Coffee Iced tea maker. Strange, I never really used my coffee pot much. But the tea maker gets a work out. Excellent product.

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