Melamine Dinnerware Sets

Are Melamine Dinnerware Sets Unbreakable?

Are Melamine Dinnerware Sets Unbreakable? Really?

A lot of people wonder if Melamine dinnerware sets are unbreakable. YES?…well, almost. I am sure if you ran it over with a car or took a sledge hammer to it, it might break. But in our busy family of 3 kids and a dog, these survived all the dropping and banging they put them through.

They don’t shatter, which I love. I have had some dinnerware sets explode on me and it is a horrible experience. So when the kids were young, I took precautions to make sure no one got hurt by cut glass.

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Melamine Outdoor Dinnerware Set
There are so many beautiful patterns today in Melamine dinnerware sets and they look like china. No one knows it’s plastic till they pick it up. Then they will be surprised.

I found these are perfect for picnics and family outings. Paper plates are ok, but when you are eating off your lap, something a bit more sturdy is nice. I would just stick them in the dishwasher when I got home. One word of caution – these are NOT microwave or oven safe. So please be careful.

Melamine Dishes Dinnerware Sets

Green Melamine Dinnerware Sets

I am not sure if this is green or teal. What I do know is that I like it. These will look awesome on the dinner table or on the patio table. I did read that these need to be put on the top shelf of the dishwasher, so please remember that. I think it has to do with the heat. It is BPA-Free which always makes me feel better about serving food on them. (Found at your trusted

Red Melamine Dinnerware Sets

Red Melamine Dinnerware Sets

Red is a classic color and will go with your indoor and outdoor decor. It is bright and fun and who can be sad when they are dining on red melamine dinnerware sets? These have a very Spanish flair, I think. Great colors to serve Mexican dishes or BBQ on. They don’t look like plastic. I would mistake these for china if I saw them in the store. I am always touching things to see if they are glass or plastic these days. They must be making plastic a lot better for me not to be able to tell the difference. (Found at

Blue Melamine Dinnerare Set
Blue Melamine Dinnerware Sets

I like this set because it’s subtle. It reminds me of something I would see in a quaint little cottage. Nothing too bold, but still so pretty. If you want something low key, this is the perfect Melamine dinnerware set for you. (Found at your trusted

Square Melamine Dinnerware

Square Melamine Dinnerware Set

I didn’t find any “sets”, but I found several adorable square melamine plates. So I decided to go ahead and share them. Square dishes are really trendy right now and create a more modern feel to your dinner table or the patio table. It’s really about what you like. You can mix and match the square with the round dishes to create a truly unique dining place settings. (Found at Red Coral, Waters Edge, Paradise, and Nautical.

Melamine Dinnerware Sets
Multi-colored Melamine Dinnerware Patterns

I love this pattern. It feels light and airy and fun! I believe in fun. This will go well with solid colored Melamine dinnerware sets. Mix and match till you find something that makes you happy. Orange is my favorite color right now, so with the solid color being orange, this would be my favorite. Sad to say, I see now that this is out of stock. They say it will be back soon. I put it here so I would know where to find it again when I am ready to buy my own Melamine dinnerware set. (Found at your trusted

Rustic Melamine Dinnerware Sets
Rustic Melamine Dinnerware Sets

I am not sure if it’s because I am a grandmother or if it just my taste, but I love old things or things that look old. One great benefit of these melamine dinnerware sets, you don’t have to worry about wearing them out. They already look like that way. You won’t know if the kids damaged them or that is how they came. These are just great casual dinnerware that can be used for everyday couch eating or for a semi-formal patio party. (Found at

Walmart Melamine Dinnerware Personalized Plates

You can order these from in what ever pattern you want and any initial. You can’t find them in the stores, but I thought these would make such a nice touch on your table. I like anything with monogramming on it and these caught my attention.

Personalized PlatesPersonalized PlatesPersonalized PlatesPersonalized PlatesPersonalized PlatesPersonalized Plates

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Are Melamine Dinnerware Sets Unbreakable?

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